SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat for Dogs - Enrichment Hide & Seek Treat Toys (Large Nosework Sniff Mat + Food Puzzles) - Interactive IQ Game for Boredom (Autumn Leaves (6 Mini Treat Puzzles))

by Sniffiz
Type: Pet Products

Brand: Sniffiz

Color: Multi Colored


  • Indoor Enrichment Activity Dog Toys - Make canines sniff as much as they need with tricky entertainment. SmellyMatty's Treat Nosework blows away their separation anxiety.
  • Longest Feeding Time EVER! - Slow feed your dog with 'Foraging Snuffle Mat + Challenging Treat Dispensing Maze Puzzles'. Keep Your dog busy and calming for a good long while.
  • Mental Stimulation from Small Puppy to Smart Dogs - You can adjust difficulty level of 5 difficult puzzle toys no matter dog's breed and characteristic. Challenge your dog with unique brain teasers!
  • Meal Time now can be Bonding Time - Repetition of Hide and Seek Training helps you and your dog literally INTERACT. Start Playing it every day with our entertaining slow puzzle feeder toys to bond with your dog
  • Durable Fabric (oxford, Fleece); Non slip bottom; Anti-Flip Structure for large breed; Machine washable

model number: SmellyMatty Series

Part Number: SmellyMatty Series

Details: SNIFFIZ DOG TOY LAB SNiFFiz develops INTERACTIVE TREAT PUZZLE TOYS for dogs to provide enrichment and stress relief for canines. Smelly Matty(Orange Snuffle Mat + 6 Mini Treat Puzzles) Longer SNIFFING, More RELIEF ‘NOSEWORK’ is the most important activity for dogs, which communicate with the world through their nose. The more they use their sense of smell, the higher their self-esteem and the lower their level of anxiety will be. Design Point 1 – Keeps your dog occupied by turning smelling into entertainment - BOREDOM BUSTER : Occupy your dog with this funny distraction puzzle toy package. - CALM YOUR DOG DOWN : Satisfy your dog's intrinsic desire to ‘SMELL’ - FOOD as MOTIVATION : As you know, no dog can resist treats! - Say GOOD BYE to SEPARATION ANXIETY : Are you worried when your dog is home alone? Before leaving, give your dog SmellyMatty and let it SEARCH for the special treats that you've hidden inside. Design Point 2 – Super Slow Puzzle Feeder - SLOW FEEDER : Countless hiding spots will make your pup sniff longer, and thereby, keep it busy. - EDUCATIONAL BRAIN TEASER TOY : The mind stimulating challenges will occupy your dog's mind and improve its problem-solving skills. - DIFFICULTY CONTROL : Set the game to an easy level if your dog is a beginner. As soon as your dog gets more advanced raise the level of the mini treat puzzle toy to a higher level to turn the game into a challenge Design Point 3 – For Convenience - ANTI SLIP BOTTOM - SUPERIOR Durable FABRIC (Machine Washable) Package Contents - Snuffle Mat (Orange) - Mini Treat Puzzle Pockets X 6 (2 types) - Instruction Specification Size : 22 x 27 inch Weight : 2.2 lbs

EAN: 8809587410996

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.8 x 6.9 inches