KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy Dogs Brain Mental Stimulation Mentally Stimulating Toys Puppy Beginner Treat Food Puzzles Feeder Dispenser Level 1 Feeding Game for Small/Medium/Large Aggressive Chewers Breed

Type: Pet Products

Brand: KADTC

Color: Paw Puzzle Toy B


  • [With American local brand and appearance patent] This puzzle toy can enhance pet intelligence and promote pet brain development. It is also a training toy that can make dogs more stable in mood and character. Suited for dogs of small, medium and large-sized, cats over 4 months old and parrots.
  • [Innovative gameplay of difficulty level 1] The gameplay is relatively simple. It has 4 flipping-lid food boxes on the inner ring and 8 sliding food boxes on the outer ring to hold dog food and treats. Two feeding methods, sliding and flipping the lids and the sliding lid can lock the flipping lid. Only when the dog moves the inner sliding lids to the certain position, the flipping lids can be unlocked accordingly, and the dog can eat the food in the two boxes together.
  • [Make dogs smarter and stable in character and moods] Combining the gameplay with the dog's intellectual training to effectively stimulate the dog's brain power and improve his intelligence. It takes some time for the dog to complete the "operation" in order to eat the food, which can keep the dog quiet and focused for a period of time. This way of using the brain to consume the dog's energy and physical strength can cultivate stable character and moods of dogs.
  • [Safety materials make the toy more secure] The product is made from safe and healthy ABS without any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, which completely protects the health of dogs. The product cannot be chewed away, scratched or deformed, and each part will not be separated from the main body, so it will not be easily damaged by pets, making it very durable.
  • [Non-slip and thickened design makes the toy safer to use] The toy adopts thickened design to prevent it from being knocked over or sliding around during use, making it more stable to use. With 4 sticky rubber pads to the base bottom, the toy can be firmly placed on the flat plane. There will be no sticky trails left on the floor when removing the toy after use. The non-slip pads can be washed with water and it won't loses its stickiness after wash.