Moropaky Puppy Heartbeat Toy for Anxiety Relief Dog Behavioral Aid Toy for Puppies

Type: Pet Products

Brand: Moropaky

Color: Brown


  • Separation Anxiety Relief: The heartbeat toys with heartbeat which is a simulation of the true pulsing heartbeat enables the puppy to feel the heartbeat, thereby reducing their anxiety and get used to the new home or tough time as soon as possible.
  • Crate Training Tool & Sleep Training Toy : Heartbeat dog toy simulates an environment that the puppy are not alone and one of their 'mates' are there with them. With the company of the Heartbeat Stuffed Animal Toy , the dog can adapt to the kennel as soon as possible, and can have a better sleep.
  • Comfort Your Fur Baby: The puppy heartbeat toy provides the best companionship and comfort to the dog during the night, during the journey, during thunder and lightning, and effectively reduces the anxiety and fear of the dog.
  • Plush Toy + Heartbeat Simulator: The product contain a plush dog toy and a true heartbeat simulator that need 2 AAA batteries but not included. The plush dog toys is made from comfortable, skin-friendly fabrics, and it can be machine washable with the heart removed. The heartbeat will shut down automatically after running for 8 HOURS.
  • A Natural Solution for anxiety: We adopt a natural way to accompany and comfort your pet, it is the most safe for your four-legged baby.

Details: Why do you need a heartbeat toys for your fur-baby? Dogs are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. They feel anxious and uneasy when they leave their mother or other companions, or their future masters. When we bring a dog home for the first time, we need to adapt him to his new home quickly and minimize his fear, anxiety and restlessness.At this point, our HEARTBEAT TOY can achieve a good effect. How does it work? Whether the puppy are new to the family, or they have separation anxiety, or they have trouble in crate (kennel) training, or perhaps just going through a tough time, your Moropaky toys can provide comfort and help to relieve anxiety for your four-baby. And also, Whatever the case, whether fireworks, or perhaps a thunderstorm, the Moropaky toys can help your and your puppy. We attract puppies by simulating the real heartbeat, so as to achieve the effect of accompanying the puppy and alleviate their anxiety. Instructions: 1.  Open the heartbeat, put the 3 “AAA” batteries in (For the safety of transportation, we did not give the battery)  2.  Hold the button for 1 seconds to put the “real feel” heartbeat into run mode 3.  hold the button on the heart again for 5 seconds to turn the heartbeat “off”. 4.  Heartbeat will shut down automatically after running for 8 hours 

EAN: 0795787212967

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.6 x 3.3 inches