The Best Valentine's Day Gift: A Puppy!

The Best Valentine's Day Gift: A Puppy!

Valentine's Day is almost here everyone!

It's our favorite holiday & such a special occasion.

Whether you're a couple, parent, or human, we crave opportunity to express the love and affection we have in our hearts for those special people in our lives. And a holiday is just that kick in the pants to remind us to show it with thoughtful intention every now and then. Yeah, let's do it!

But then,

That age old question of how to embody the feeling of your heart for the special loves in your life in a gift is looming like a rain cloud. While it's hard to imagine any of the human race that DOESN'T love & appreciate a good ol' traditional gift -- eh herm, flowers or chocolates-- what if we got super thoughtful, sprinkled in some excitement & a little time commitment & actually got our special love a gift they actually want and will soon forget:


Such a unique and thoughtful way to show your loved one how much you care, don't you think? We know it. We've helped many people just like you plan an epic surprise with one of our Teacup Doodle Puppies. We have yet to see anything less than tears of joy and a decade worth of shock bottled into one moment.

And as a gift, a new puppy will remain a living, breathing reminder of your love and commitment to each other & a treasure that continues to give.

Flowers wilt.

Scrumptious chocolates are eaten. (And the indulgent rollercoaster of pure bliss that after disappearing leave the receiver in a confused stupor of miserable regret mixed with a tummy ache that get a 50% approval for all the trouble caused when she realizes a months worth of conscientious eating just disappeared may leave an overarching memory of contempt instead of joy)

But a teacup doodle puppy? Well. She is more effective (and less expensive) than therapy-- and much cuter and more snuggly to boot! Think of all the new memories in store with these teddybear-faced darlings warming your feet on your morning Zoom calls. Something furry to center the nerves is an ancillary benefit of this adorable puppy gift.

Let's talk about another benefit real quick. Did you know a puppy is proven to be good for your health? In this study from BMC Public Health Studies show that owning a pet can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve overall mental and physical well-being as well as curb loneliness &other psychological distresses. 

Psst. One last thing.

Sometimes this time of year is difficult. Yes, we know how you feel. So. If this is a year where your Valentine IS YOU, don't forget you are WORTH FEELING LOVED. You are. Let one of our puppies be the lucky one to prove it to you. 

And hey, if you already have a fur love and just want to make her feel special, some new accessories are just the ticket. We have beautiful dresses for the fur-ladies, bowties for the fur-gentlemen, bandanas, and many other options in our special Valentine's Day Collection

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