Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas - 4 Pack |

Type: Pet Products

Brand: Remy+Roo

Color: Pink, Green, Orange, White


  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING: Small fits necks up to 14". Large fits necks up to 21". XL fits necks up to 31". Remy+Roo bandanas have a unique design with two long ends making the dog bandana adjustable to the exact size of your pet's neck. The bandana has a curved design to mimic your dogs natural neck-line. It is designed to fit comfortably while eliminating bulk, folds and excess fabric. Remy+Roo bandanas come in multiple sizes.
  • TRENDY DESIGNS: Make a bold statement in these new designs that will never go out of style. Each bandana features a custom design exclusive to Remy+Roo that are hand created by our talented artists. The patterns in this four pack have been carefully designed to compliment each other, ensuring they are versatile and trendy.
  • DURABLE AND SUSTAINABLE: Our dog bandanas are dual layered and made from a durable polyester fabric that will outlast all of your dog's adventures.

Details: This 4-pack of dog bandanas by Remy+Roo is a perfect gift for the perfect pet in your life. Finally, a four pack of trendy and durable dog bandanas that won’t break the bank. We picked this fabric with our playful pets in mind. These bandanas will not only last longer because of the high quality fabric, but your pet will be the cutest one at the park.  ADJUSTABLE SIZING: Remy+Roo bandanas have a unique design to fit comfortably around your dog's natural neck-line. They are designed to eliminate excess fabric and folds. These bandanas are ideal for your growing pet because of the adjustable straps. Simply tie the bandana tighter when your pet is younger and tie it looser to fit your full grown pet. Remy+Roo bandanas come in two sizes, small and large. Size small is 14x14 inches. Size large is 18x18 inches. For visual information on sizing, please see our size guide in our photos. Measure your pet's neck size and then leave some room to tie a knot.   TRENDY DESIGNS: Our goal was to create trendy bandanas that are affordable. The designs are neutral and will look good on any breed. Every detail in our bandanas have been thoughtfully created to help your pet make a statement! Designs are handcrafted and may vary.   DURABLE AND SUSTAINABLE: Remy+Roo bandanas have two layers of a strong polyester fabric which will allow the bandana to last twice as long. The polyester fabric will not wrinkle and is more dirt and stain resistant than other cotton blends. To ensure color does not fade with washes, wash on a delicate setting or hand wash. Lay flat to dry. The leather tag can also get wet and will not change shape.    100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We want you to feel confident when purchasing Remy+Roo bandanas. If you are not completely satisfied with your bandana, Remy+Roo offers 100% money back guarantee. 

EAN: 0850017354036

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.7 x 0.7 inches